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Jun. 15th, 2012 11:30 am
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I need to talk about Teen Wolf. I want to enjoy this season like I enjoyed the hell out of last season; as fluffy eye-and-brain candy. Derek Hale is insanely hot, and Stiles is very, very much my type. I can even find love in my heart for Scott, Allison and Lydia. And also Scott's Mon and Stile's Dad and the Coach. (Not Jackson, though. Sorry Jackson.) But...

My first thought when Derek went for Erica was "Werewolfism as a cure for epilepsy? Really?" and then "Oh boy, creepy as hell" as he felt her up on her hospital bed. And then when he picked her up from school when she was all sluttily dressed and dialled up to eleven in his flashy car, with sleazy grin, deliberately envoking classic imagery of an older guy picking up his girlfriend from school I headdesked repeatedly.

Why why why must the female werewolf be all about sex?

A full conversation about people wanting to look at her boobs.

She's 'with Derek' 'the way Isacc's with Derek', which may have been the network's attempt to make it seem like they're not having sex but just made me think he's doing not one, but two vulnerable teens. And even if he's not committing statutory rape with them, he's still preying on them. Yuck.

Why must you take away my simple pleasures, TV? Why?


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