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The mission had ended badly, no question – anything involving a truckload of bodies and a trip to a medical center hardly counted as an unqualified success. It all started when an error in intelligence caused Jared and Jensen to trip a security wire on the way out. After that, everything had gone downhill very fast.


Jensen and Jared were trapped. Hemmed in by gunfire on all sides, they had nowhere left to go.

Jensen got off a practically impossible shot and managed to take out one of the gunmen, but that was it. They couldn't get all of them that way – there were far too many, and now they were closing in. The last bullet had flown past within an inch of Jared's hair.

“Almost got an unplanned trim there,” Jensen said, not taking his eyes off the enemy. “Though you definitely need one,” he added.

“Tripping that wire just to make me get a haircut was kind of excessive,” Jared said.

He got off a clear shot, and tensed as he watched the guy stumble and fall. Unlike most people in his line of work, he hated killing. Sometimes it was necessary, but that didn't make it any easier. It never had.

“So,” Jensen said. “This is all kinds of fun, but I'm over it now; I think it’s time to get a burger or something. Got any bright ideas?”

“Uh,” Jared glanced around. He spotted salvation.

“Look over there.” Jared gestured at the truck parked about thirty yards from where they were hiding. The truck's door was open, and the keys clearly visible.

Jensen glanced over and grunted. “Long way,” he said, non-committally.

“Yeah, but I can make it. You know, Track and Field lost out on a major talent when I took up fighting crime.” Jared shucked off his jacket.

Jensen had already shot out all the lights awhile ago, and the distance between them and the truck was shadowed and dim. But it was still nowhere near dark enough for comfort.

Jared crouched for a moment, pressed against the relative safety of their crate, assessing the distance and the best route.

"I don't know," Jensen said, looking out at the wide-open space Jared would have to cover, and shifting almost imperceptibly – a sure sign of anxiety that Jared was sure no one but him would have ever noticed. "Maybe I should go. No one would miss me, and you’ve apparently got a glittering future in the Olympics ahead of you.”

Jared didn’t like the idea of Jensen going, anymore than Jensen liked the idea of Jared going.

“Nah, I'm faster than you,” Jared said, which was true, “and, you know, just generally better in all ways,” which… might not be, but made the corner of Jensen’s mouth turn up in one of his rare half-smiles. “Just cover me while I’m out there, OK? Don’t be checking your hair while I’m gone.”

“How many times have I told you? I’m just naturally gorgeous.”

“Uh huh.”

Jared pressed his hand against Jensen’s shoulder, steadying himself inside and out, and squeezing a fraction of the tension out of Jensen’s muscles before taking a deep breath. “GO!”

Jared both heard and felt Jensen burst up shooting behind him, but he didn’t waste time looking. He moved fast, dropping as low as he could to present a smaller target against the wall as he dashed through the shadows. Shots bounced around him, but he ignored them.

He ran again, ducking behind bins and crates in a dazzling display of athleticism (if he did say so himself) until he skidded over to the truck. Made it, he thought. And the crowd goes wild.

He jumped in and reached for the keys when –

Bang! The window shattered and his arm suddenly blazed with pain. Damnit, there was a sniper on the far side of the building, but it was much too far for Jensen to –

Bang. The sniper toppled from the roof. Jeez, Jared grinned, how could Jensen even see that guy well enough to shoot him?

He glanced at his arm (just a flesh wound, he decided), and turned on the engine. The tires screeched as he tore over to where Jensen was still crouched behind the crate. As soon as the van hid him from fire, Jensen threw himself inside it.

“You call that cover?” Jared looked at him with a grin.

“You call that running?” Jensen's tone was casual, but his eyes went right to Jared’s arm. “If I’d known you were gonna stroll...”

“OW!” Jared flinched as Jensen jerked him closer and probed his arm with surprising gentleness.

“Flesh wound,” Jensen assessed tightly, sitting back. “Barely grazed you, you big pussy,” he added belatedly, but his eyes were bleak.

“Thank you, Doctor Ackles. Can we go now?” Jared asked politely, ignoring the bullets hitting the van.

“Yeah, all right,” Jensen said, hunkering down in his seat. He winced as Jared screeched the car into action. “I suppose we don't have time to wait around for you to actually learn how to drive...”


So all in all, it had not been one of their better days. Jared had needed a couple of stitches, and the massive amounts of gunfire had attracted official attention. They’d had to go back to Headquarters to deal with that last part, and that was always a pain.

And not just in the usual sense of paperwork and politics – Jensen and Headquarters (or Jensen and anything that involved people besides Jared) was almost a unique form of torture, both for him and everyone around him. Jared had learned that the first week they started working together, though it maybe wasn't quite as bad as other people seemed to think.

Jared's easy-going nature was one of the reasons that pairing him and Jensen as partners had been an unexpected stroke of genius.

No one else had been able to get along with Jensen at all, and for awhile it was starting to look as if Eric might actually have made a mistake (which was practically unheard of) in taking him into the Organization. But partnering Jensen with Jared had worked beautifully almost from the start. Jared’s calm, matter-of-fact attitude, his overly-friendly personality, and his utter lack of fear or intimidation around Jensen meant that he was not only able to work with Jensen, but that he had even managed to help Jensen adjust to his new life. He’d joked once that he had Jensen almost housebroken, and then Jensen hadn’t spoken to him for two weeks. At least he hadn’t peed in Jared’s shoes.

In fact, as a result of Jared’s influence, Jensen had even managed to make friends with another agent, Chad Lindberg (who managed all their electronics on particularly high-tech operations). Thanks to Jared, Jensen was possibly – slightly, almost invisibly-to-the-naked-eye – beginning to relax.

But not, however, at Headquarters.

Jensen never looked more like a caged animal than inside the stark grey walls of Headquarters. Jared made a point of trying to keep him out of there as much as possible, but that wasn’t always practical. Even more important was keeping Jensen out of Eric’s office, and Jared bent over backwards to prevent it whenever he could. Eric made Jensen nervous, and when Jensen was nervous, no-one was happy.

Jared talked to the administrators and did his best to ignore the black cloud of Jensen pacing behind him … which wasn’t all that easy when the group’s eyes kept following Jensen back and forth like a bunch of small, furry animals watching a big, hungry cat.

So Jared’s day had pretty much sucked, what with killing people and being shot and then battling administrative red tape. But the trip to Headquarters had made the whole thing so much worse. That was what was responsible for Jensen’s mood, which was growing surlier and darker on the car ride home.

It wasn’t going to make the upcoming argument any easier.

Jared pulled up outside his house and turned off the engine. He shifted in his seat to face Jensen, ready for the fight.

“You’re coming in.”

“I am not.” Jensen replied instantly. Jensen had clearly realized this argument was inevitable and so he was ready, too.

“Are too.”

“Am not.”

This was going nowhere.

“You said you would.”

“I did not.”

“You didn’t shoot me when I asked you, which for you counts as a yes.”

“I thought you’d come to your senses and change your mind.”

“It won’t be that bad.”

Guests moved in and out of Jared’s house, and Jensen looked at them the same way he would if they were battalions of armed men.

“Says who? I’d rather be back at that warehouse being shot at.”

Jared sighed.

“Please? It’s an important night for me. I want you there.” Jared gave Jensen the full benefit of his famous puppy dog eyes.

Jensen looked at him for a long moment.

“Jared!” The moment was broken as the driver’s door suddenly opened. “There you are!”

Smooth white arms enveloped Jared and a beautiful dark-haired woman pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Look at you.” The woman crouched down and looked in the car. “You’re hurt! And late!” She caressed his bandaged arm.

“Sorry, Alexis,” Jared smiled at her. “Wasn’t how I planned it. I’m afraid those criminals had no respect for our engagement party at all.”

She laughed, a tinkling, golden sound that perfectly matched her lovely face. She slid her arms around Jared again before looking over at the other person in the car.

“Hello, Jensen.”

“Hello, Alexis.”

“Let’s go in,” Jared said. “I could really use some champagne right about now.”

They all got out of the car, but Jensen stayed on the opposite side.

“I’m just gonna head on home. It’s been a long day.”

“Hey, that’s no excuse. I was the one who got shot,” Jared said. “Your day was fantastic compared to mine.”

“Yes, Jensen,” Alexis chimed in, her arms slipping around Jared’s waist. “Please, come on in.”

Jensen shook his head.

“I don’t do parties. I don’t play well with others.”

“Well, I was going to make you leave your gun in the car, so I think we can get through an hour without any bloodshed. C’mon, please?” Jared coaxed.

Jensen paused, wavering.

“Yes, Jensen,” Alexis smiled, hugging Jared. “We want you to celebrate our happy day with us.”

“No.” Jensen managed a tight smile. “Have a good time, though.” He turned and walked over to where he’d parked his car that morning.

Jared watched him go, frowning.


“Never mind,” Alexis kissed him. “There are plenty of other people here to celebrate with us.”

Jared sighed as Jensen’s car sped away.

“I almost had him,” he said. “I wonder why he wouldn’t stay.”

“I wonder,” Alexis said with a small smile, as she led him into the party.


part 2

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Ohhhhh, someone's GREEN EYED THERE... ehehehhee, that's such a nice double meaning ehehehehehehHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHehehehe... still, love it.


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