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This post includes all recs in date order. Most Recent up the top. Each set of recs ordered by fandom and by genre (slash/gen etc). At the bottom are my top one (or sometimes two) fic(s) in every fandom I have ever read in.

EDIT: All I seem to do is rec these days, but OTOH I'm really not keeping this post up. I'll leave it here; basically it has old SPN recs up to May 2009 and my BEST FIC in each fandom I've ever read at the bottom, but for things post May 2009 you'll need to use tags.

In an effort to be helpful, therefore, here are the tag links to all recs, and things I rec regularly:

All Recs
Merlin Recs
Inception Recs
H50 Recs
SPN Recs

SPN Recs to May 2009 )
My top one fic ever in each of the fandoms I've ever read )
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There was a program recently called 'My Life in Books' where 'famous' people talked about books they've read over their life and how they affected them, and when I'm old I'm going to be able to do that for fanfics as well as books and movies. Some fics I'll remember always. It's nice to think, I'm sure, as an author, that you've touched someone (not in a bad place) so they'll remember you even though you'll never meet them.

And today I read another one! It's 15 Detentions (The Breakfast Club, Bender/Brian, 8.5k, R). This is one that spoke to me about the highschool experience, much like the breakfast club itself did when I saw it. You really SHOULD READ.

I don't know why, given it really WAS NOT in canon, but there are a few truly excellent Bender/Brian fics out there to go along with this one; Most Likely To by the same (fabulous) author Kaneko, and also [livejournal.com profile] resonant8's Higher Education and sequel Bare.

I read this from [livejournal.com profile] nomelon's recs here. Check em out. I can't be bothered to type anymore but I second heartily her H50 and Community recs. <3 Troy.
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Just read a WONDERFUL NEW fic:

Bring the Sun Back: Arthur/Merlin, R, 25k words. Great work here, and new today! Really took a fresh approach. Lord knows it's difficult to do something new in fandom as we're all working from the same source material, but a great new take very well written. Really good stuff.

(I rec'd Pendragon Day Friday, and that, like this, felt a unique piece (although an older fic.) Pockets of great Merlin fic! \o/)

Also NEW today (What? The train was delayed so I had extra reading time. One advantage of BAD railway lines - time to read two new fics!) H50 fic by [livejournal.com profile] gyzym. She's a great writer and her Danny and Steve are just exactly how I like them. Reeeed it.


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