Jan. 5th, 2013

AO3 meme

Jan. 5th, 2013 06:51 pm
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So I did this AO3 meme:

Go to your works on AO3, open up each of the fandoms you've written in by ctrl-clicking or right-clicking on the fandom name and opening it in a new tab, then sort each fandom by hits. See which of your fics appear on the first page of the fandom. You never know, in those little fandoms (or the bigger ones if you've been a good little fangirl) you might even find yourself near the top.

There's only three fandoms I've written more than two fics in on AO3 (it's fair to say I'm not prolific) and here's the results!

1) SPN - ahahahaha. No.
2) Troy RPF - Wow. Number 1! \o/ But, ah, it's not as impressive as all that because actually I've written 5 of the 25 fics on AO3 (20%!) so I'm also 4, 7, 9 and 10 ;)
3) SPN RFP - ahahahaha. No.

I then realised how many different fandoms I've written one fic in, which comes from doing Yuletide for four years, I guess, so here are just the notable ones:

Troy - 1st! and 3rd \o/ Out of 54 - in the interest of full disclosure, the number 1 is the same that made me number 1 on Troy RPF as it was a crossover/roleplay thing.
Myron Bolitar - 1st! \o/ Out of, uh, ahem, 6.
The Outsiders - 1st! Out of 43.
Monty Python RPF - 4 out of 26.
Belgariad/Elenium - 5 out of 21.
Casino Royale - 11 out of 62. But obvs nowhere if you take all Bond movies thanks to the Skyfall phenomenon.
Jeeves and Wooster - 15 out of 395.
X-Men Origins Wolverine - 17 out of 78.
Hard Core Logo - No, but an honourable mention for being first on the Kudos list?


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