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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello! Thank you for agreeing to write in one of my favorite fandoms. What excellent taste you have! I’m certain you’ll be wonderful, and thank you in advance.

General things about my taste – the good news is I’m pretty easy to please. I’m extremely happy with anything from G to NC17 rated; I’m very unlikely to be squicked if you’re of a kinky persuasion (except for scat); and I’m both slash and gen friendly.

There are just three things I’d like you to consider when writing any of the fandoms:

1) The only thing I’d ask you to avoid is non-canon deaths, please. One of my fandoms has canonical death in my pairing, I know, but I’d also prefer that the fic does not concentrate on that sad event!

2) I like a happy ending, but I am happy with some angst along the way if that takes your fancy...

3) In general I like fics that showcase my favorite relationships – whether that is through anything from short, delicious PWPs or character fics to long, plotty extravaganzas – just some aspect of the fic exploring and enjoying the relationship between them will make me happy. For all of the relationships I ask for below I'm happy for it to be a gen friendship or slashy romance - either is great for any of them.

That’s really very unspecific, you say? I’ll try for some more detail, then…

1) Robert Crais: Elvis Cole, Elvis and Joe: I love Elvis and Joe's relationship. Ideally, I'd LOVE some back story showing how they developed to what they are to each other (whether that be slashly or gen), but anything really exploring/highlighting their closeness would be great.

2) Disorganised Crime, Nick and Carlos: Ideally, I’d like something that brings Nick and Carlos together again, post movie. For crime! Or romance! Or just snarking at each other in a bus station, or something. I just love their dynamic.

3) Toy Soldiers (film), Billy and Joey: This is the one I'm most keen on slash, but I'm completely happy if it's a friendship fic, too. Ideally I'd like a fic about the time Billy first came to the school, and how he became friends (or more) with Joey. I think Joey would be prickly to become friends with, and perhaps Billy deliberately sets out to make Joey like him even if he doesn't really take to Joey at first, because he's his roomate and it just makes life easier, and then he starts to fall in love with/really like Joey and it becomes a genuine friendship/love. Or anything at school pre-movie, really. If you take it into the movie, I'm not a purist - I don't mind if you stick with or remove the canonical character death. Your call!

4) Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman: Their relationship was one of my favorite parts of the show. I'd love something that focuses on their friendship. Perhaps during the series, or maybe saving Cooper, or some future with a happy ending without focusing on how Coop got out? Fix it if you go post season, pleeeease?

Lastly, and most importantly, any fic you write heavily featuring the relationship between two main characters I ask for and considering the first three things will make me very happy – the suggestions I include for each are just to help provide inspiration, so please feel free to ignore if a different rabid plot bunny bites you, I enjoy surprises…

I’m never really sure if I’ve got the balance right between not leaving you thinking you’ve no idea what to write and not making you feel like you’re in a straight-jacket! If you'd like more guidance or some more specific prompts, I've allowed anon commenting for the duration of Yuletide here. But you cannot fail to delight me with a fic about these boys and their relationships, I promise.

Thank you for choosing this fandom and I hope you enjoy the writing.



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